Electrocardiogram is heart diagnostic device that is often used by nurses to assess some heart anomalies. The observations result showed that some nurses use piped water as conductor on EKG recorder and believe piped water is a good conductor for recording EKG. This research aim was to find out the used comparison of piped water and jelly towards genesis artifact. A quasi experiment approach (cross-over) was used in this research. The sample was systematically random sampling with 46 respondents were divided into two groups. The influence of piped water and jelly against genesis artifact was tested by using Chi Square. Research results illustrated piped water was greater 30.5% in the genesis artifact than jelly with only 5.4% which Chi Square value was (p: 0.0001). It indicated that the use of piped water significantly influences towards genesis artifact. Moreover, the Odds Ratio elucidated the usage of piped water was 20.81 times more artifact occurred than jelly as recording media EKG. The use of piped water as conductor on the recording EKG significantly influence towards the recording-result quality where the genesis artifact higher than jelly as conductor on EKG recording. Suggestions researchers should avoid using piped water as  recording conductor and stay to use the jelly to record EKG and follow the standard procedure of EKG recording


Artifact; Electrocardiogram; Jelly; Piped Water.

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